January 27, 2016

Amazon RDS - Backup and Restore

Amazon RDS - Backup and Restore

Amazon RDS - Backup

FAQ:  It is possible to create a backup of a database running on an Amazon RDS instance and restore it on a local machine?


1.     You can’t currently create a .bak file out of amazon rds.

2. Use the Azure migration wizard with amazon rds to copy the RDS database to the ec2 instance/Local server.
Once that is done you can create a .bak file from the SQL Server running on the EC2 instance. if you have the bandwidth or your database is small you may be able to use the migration tool directly on your target machine.

You can create a backup locally from AWS RDS. Using SQL Management Studio, right-click your database > Task > Export Data

----Import/Export wizard or Bulk Copy Program (BCP) for SQL Server
1)      By using SQLAzureMW Tool
2)      For databases of 1 GB or larger, it is more efficient to script only the database schema and then use the Import and Export Wizard or the bulk copy feature of SQL Server to transfer the data.

Backup using SQLAzureMW Tool

 BCP Script which is automatically generated.

 Result Summary


Amazon RDS -Restore

Apply script to target server.


Tables migrated.

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