January 12, 2016

Data Warehouse- Teradata

Company - DW ProductTeradata
Company NCR has four businesses: data
warehousing, financial self-service,
retail store automation, and customer
services. The Teradata Division
is responsible for the data
warehousing business
Product URLwww.teradata.com/
STRENGTHS- Massively-parallel, partitioned,
- Shared-nothing database server
- its simple and highlyautomated
physical data warehouse
-set of indexing approaches that enable
fast access to data
- scalable hybrid-storage capabilities
- Teradata has buddied up with all enterprise Hadoop distro providers, enabled new analytic workloads to be added to Teradata systems (JSON, geospatial, 3D geospatial and others) and more.
WEAKNESSES- its incomplete visual tools for build and manage functionality
- Proprietary hardware
- Costly to maintain
and upgrade
- Limited skilled implementation expertise
Deployment Platforms NCR SVR4 UNIX MP-RAS
Microsoft Windows
Server ArchitectureSingle and multiple node organization
where a node is a hardware
and software platform specialized
and dedicated to data warehousing
Teradata Warehouse is a sharednothing
architecture in both its single
and multiple node configurations
Data Type Support SQL types:
• Numeric
• Binary
• Character
• Date time
Large objects
Physical Design
Teradata is neutral on the physical
design of data warehouses but
recommends a physical design of
third normal form for data warehouses
to maximize flexibility.
Teradata further recommends that
denormalized structures be implemented
as views or redundant
structures (logical data marts or
special purpose tables).
Physical ImplementationAutomated
Custom Transformations May be written in:
Summary Table Support The OLAP transformations of
Teradata Warehouse Miner can
create and manage summary tables.
SQL Extensions QUALIFY, SAMPLE, and WITH in
Functions and operators
• Aggregate
• Numeric
• Date time
OLAP Provides relational OLAP on Teradata
Warehouse tables
Data Mining Teradata Warehouse Miner is a
separately-packaged and -priced
product that is tightly integrated
with Teradata Warehouse.

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