January 12, 2016

Oracle Data Warehouse - Exadata

Company - DW ProductOracle - Exadata
Company Oracle has three businesses: database,
applications, and consulting.
Its database business is the
largest by far and currently represents
80 percent of Oracle’s new
license revenues.
Product URLhttps://www.oracle.com/database/data-warehouse/index.html
STRENGTHS- Intelligent Storage Grid
- Hybrid Columnar Compression
- Smart Flash Cache
Deployment Platforms IBM AIX
Hewlett-Packard HP-UX
Microsoft Windows
Sun Solaris
Server ArchitectureSingle server platform
Distributed database
Real Application Cluster (RAC)
• Shared, partitioned data
• Multiple server platforms
• Server interconnect
• Any number of readers and
Data Type Support Oracle built-in data types (SQL
• Numeric
• Binary
• Character
• Date time
Large objects (max 2 gigabytes)
User-defined types (object-oriented
types, object identifier types, arrays,
nested tables)
Oracle-supplied types
• Spatial
• Media
• Text
Physical Design
Neutral on the physical design
of data warehouses.
Physical ImplementationManual
Template-based via templates and
Database Configuration Assistant
(DBCA) tool
Automated via Oracle managed
Custom Transformations May be written in:
Summary Table Support Materialized views automate the
creation and management of
summary tables. A materialized
view stores the results of a query in
a table
SQL Extensions CUBE and ROLLUP in SELECT
• Ranking
• Window aggregate
• Reporting aggregate
• Lag/lead
• Linear regression
• Inverse percentile
• Hypothetical rank and distribution
• First/last
• Numeric
• Date time
OLAP Oracle OLAP is a separatelypackaged
and -priced product that
provides OLAP functionality
Data Mining Oracle Data Mining is a separately-
priced and -packaged product.

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