January 12, 2016

IBM - DB2 Data Warehouse

Company - DW ProductIBM - DB2 Data Warehouse
Company IBM has four major businesses:
hardware, software, services, and
financing. Data warehousing is part
of the data management business,
which is part of the software business.
Product URLwww.ibm.com/DataWarehousing‎
STRENGTHS- Rich and flexible data partitioning capabilities
-strong analytic functionality in OLAP and data
- Market presence
- Data Models
- Hardware bundle
- Partner network
- Strong services arm (IBM GSA)
WEAKNESSES- complex physical
- lack of integration
with multidimensional
- High cost of ownership
- DB2 on the open systems platforms continues to suffer from locking problems.
• Closed systems; can’t easily ride cost curves associated with commodity hardware.
• Expensive fault tolerant solution compared with Exadata
Deployment Platforms IBM AIX
Microsoft Windows
Sun Solaris
Server ArchitectureServer platform with a single processor
Single database partition on a
server platform with a multiple
Multiple partition configurations
• Shared-nothing
• Multiple server platforms
• Server interconnect
• Any number of readers and
Data Type Support SQL types:
• Numeric
• Binary
• Character
• Date time
Large objects (max 2 gigabytes)
User-defined types (distinct—
renamed SQL types, structured—
object oriented, reference—
hierarchies of built-in types)
Physical Design
Neutral on the physical design
of data warehouses.
Physical ImplementationManual
Custom Transformations May be written in:
Summary Table Support Materialized query tables automate
the creation and management of
summary tables. A materialized
query table stores the results of a
query in a table
SQL Extensions CUBE and ROLLUP in SELECT
• Aggregate
• Numeric
• Statistical
• Correlation
• Random number generation
• Regression
• Date time
OLAP DB2 provides OLAP build and
manage capabilities, relational
OLAP on DB2 tables, and multidimensional
and hybrid OLAP on a
combination of DB2 tables and
external multidimensional structures.
DB2 OLAP Server is a separately-
priced and -packaged product
that is an external, but tightly
integrated, multidimensional OLAP
facility that IBM OEMs from Hyperion
Data Mining DB2 Intelligent Miner is bundled
with DB2 Data Warehouse Enterprise

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