March 02, 2013

Choosing a Mobile BI Solution

Mobile BI Solution are helping remote employees/users  manage supply chains more efficiently or keeping traveling executives informed of the latest financial developments, today’s mobile ad hoc reporting solutions provide the dynamic capabilities organizations need to stay competitive and drive innovation in the field.
While working in the field used to mean relying on static data, today’s mobile BI solutions offer the ability to generate interactive reports with in-depth analytic functionality.

  • Solutions which provide unified user experience across all devices are most suitable for Mobile BI solutions. 
  • Rather than relying on static data, users should be able to use real-time updates to inform their decisions.
  • Mobile BI solution should facilitates sharing reports, both over wireless networks and in person.
  • Users may need to access mobile BI solutions from remote locations where internet connectivity is low or absent  or on a plane. While a lack of connectivity prohibits real-time updates, a good mobile BI offering should have some form of reliable offline access to recent and saved reports so that employees can tap into data-driven insights.

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