May 12, 2011

Database Mirroring FAQ

Database Mirroring FAQ:

1. How to enable database mirroring?
Answer: You can use TRACE 1400 to enable in RTM version or else update your SQL Server with latest service pack.
Adding Trace Flag to Startup parameter
o Goto RUN --> Type sqlservermanager.msc
o Right click on SQL Server(instancename) service and click on properties
o Click on Advanced tab
o In the startup parameters enter this ;-T1400 and click on OK
o Restart SQLservices and then try configuring db mirroring
o Update SQL Server to latest service pack.
2. IS it possible to configure mirroring between Standard Edition & Enterprise Edition or Vice Versa?
Nope its not possible, both principal and mirror should have same edition.

3. Can I load balance my mirrored database (i.e can i use mirrored for SELECT query) like log shipping in standby mode?
It is possible if your mirror server is running Enterprise edition. You can take snapshot of your mirrored database and then you can query against the snapshot to retrive data's.

4. Is it possible to take backup of mirrored database in mirror server?
No, you won't be able to run BACKUP command against a mirrored database in mirror server.

5. Can I create multiple endpoints for configuring different databases for mirroring and point each database to unique endpoint.
No, thats not possible. You can create only one endpoint in a server for database mirroring you need to use this endpoint to configuring db mirroring for all the databases.

6. Can I configure a single database to be mirrored to more than one server. i.e) One source & many destination like logshipping.
No, thats not possible in Database mirroring, its one to one configuration.

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