October 11, 2008

Retrieving SQL Server Database Properties with DATABASEPROPERTYEX

SQL Server 2000 and 2005 have a built-in function called DATABASEPROPERTYEX that allows you to return the specific information you are looking for, for one or all databases. This function can be called from a SELECT statement to return the results of one or more databases.
Syntax :
DATABASEPROPERTYEX ( database , property )
Retrieving the status of the AUTO_SHRINK database option:
SELECT DATABASEPROPERTYEX('AdventureWorks', 'IsAutoShrink');
Retrieving the default collation for a database:
SELECT DATABASEPROPERTYEX('AdventureWorks', 'Collation');

We can use DATABASEPROPERTYEX for Collecting SQL Server database usage information for free space and trending as follows:

DBA need to monitor the following database/database file level metrics:
Server/Instance Name
Database Name
Database File Names (both logical and full physical path)
File Size (In Megabytes)
Database Status
Recovery Mode
Free Space (In Megabytes and Percent)


DECLARE @DBInfo TABLE ( ServerName VARCHAR(100), DatabaseName VARCHAR(100), FileSizeMB INT, LogicalFileName sysname, PhysicalFileName NVARCHAR(520), Status sysname, Updateability sysname, RecoveryMode sysname, FreeSpaceMB INT, FreeSpacePct VARCHAR(7), FreeSpacePages INT, PollDate datetime)

DECLARE @command VARCHAR(5000)
SELECT @command = 'Use [' + '?' + '] SELECT @@servername as ServerName, ' + '''' + '?' + '''' + ' AS DatabaseName, CAST(sysfiles.size/128.0 AS int) AS FileSize, sysfiles.name AS LogicalFileName, sysfiles.filename AS PhysicalFileName, CONVERT(sysname,DatabasePropertyEx(''?'',''Status'')) AS Status, CONVERT(sysname,DatabasePropertyEx(''?'',''Updateability'')) AS Updateability, CONVERT(sysname,DatabasePropertyEx(''?'',''Recovery'')) AS RecoveryMode, CAST(sysfiles.size/128.0 - CAST(FILEPROPERTY(sysfiles.name, ' + '''' + 'SpaceUsed' + '''' + ' ) AS int)/128.0 AS int) AS FreeSpaceMB, CAST(100 * (CAST (((sysfiles.size/128.0 -CAST(FILEPROPERTY(sysfiles.name, ' + '''' + 'SpaceUsed' + '''' + ' ) AS int)/128.0)/(sysfiles.size/128.0)) AS decimal(4,2))) AS varchar(8)) + ' + '''' + '%' + '''' + ' AS FreeSpacePct, GETDATE() as PollDate FROM dbo.sysfiles'

INSERT INTO @DBInfo (ServerName, DatabaseName, FileSizeMB, LogicalFileName, PhysicalFileName, Status, Updateability, RecoveryMode, FreeSpaceMB, FreeSpacePct, PollDate) EXEC sp_MSForEachDB @command SELECT ServerName, DatabaseName, FileSizeMB, LogicalFileName, PhysicalFileName, Status, Updateability, RecoveryMode, FreeSpaceMB, FreeSpacePct, PollDate FROM @DBInfo ORDER BY ServerName, DatabaseName


CONVERT(sysname,DatabasePropertyEx(''?'',''Status'')) AS StatusCONVERT(sysname,DatabasePropertyEx(''?'',''Updateability'')) AS UpdateabilityCONVERT(sysname,DatabasePropertyEx(''?'',''Recovery'')) AS RecoveryMode

The DatabasePropertyEx() function returns the value for the database property or option specified. In this case we are interested in the Status, Updateability, and Recover database option values. I convert the values to the sysname datatype for compatibility with my metadata repository.

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